MITEV Bubbling flue gas management technologY (GreenBubbleEnergy)

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Public Short Technical Description



The below describes the main benefits and principles of the bubbling gas management technology that has been invented and developed by Péter Szentiványi, MITEV Ltd. (Hungary).


The purpose of the technology is to produce cleaner energy burning biomass fuels and increase efficiency at the same time.


This technology allows to multiply the efficiency of existing  boilers and power plants by up to 4 times while reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing maintenance costs, and producing waste that can be applied to plants as fertiliser for a self-contained greener eco system.


The patented gas management technology (EU / Eurasia, China, US and Canada Patent Applications filed under International Patent Application No.PCT / HU2010 / 000133, USA (US 8,888,897 B2) and China (CN 102686967 B) )is a special bubble flue gas treatment procedure.


During the process, the hot (more than 800oC) gases leaving the flame state are bubbled directly through a shallow (<1cm) water column where they pass on and leave their solid, liquid and slightly gaseous pollutants in the water content along with the generated heat.

Due to the bubble solution the low water column requirement (~ 1cm) and the circularly arranged nozzles with a sharp angle to the perforated plate make it possible to bubble through gases at high speeds at very high efficiency.



Dust separation is ~ 99.9% efficient, liquid separation can also be achieved at a similar efficiency.




Based on this technology, a pellet boiler is being developed, which has been specifically optimized for this process.

This led to the invention of a condensing biomass boiler, of which efficiency is similar to the condensing gas boiler. (this has not been achieved any other technology as yet)

Compared to a normal pellet boiler this technology is at least 15-20% more efficient, compared to a wood-fired boiler up to 50-60% higher efficiency is attainable.

The boiler is primarily designed for pellet use, but it can also be used with wood chips or nearly any (typically solid) homogeneous type of fuel.

Practically all of the heat produced is utilized. The exhaust gas temperature is within the range of 5-15 ° C (otherwise excessive humiditycontaining pollutants would leave the boiler) The boiler under development contains several non-patented solutions, of which only the general features are listed.


Benefits / features

Extremely high (> 98% + condensation) thermal efficiency (percentage of utilization of heat released by combustion)

• Special system combustion chamber with combustion efficiency of> 97% (biomass exhaust gases leave the combustion chamber withnear perfect blue flame)

99.9% dust-free and filtered from many flammable gases and pollutants

• Exhaust gas temperature can be achieved at as low as 3-5 °C

• A heated fuel tank can be added to achieve the lowest water content of the fuel, thereby increasing combustion purity and efficiency (the heat invested in the drying can be fully regenerated/reutilized by condensing the evaporating water from the fuel due to the condensation biomass system)

Low water demand (clean water evaporating from plant fuels replaces a significant proportion of contaminated water required by the bubbling process)

For the operation of the boiler (heat exchange, filtering, etc.) industrial water, well water and rainwater can be used (filtered) instead of metered (tap) water.

• Due to the liquid-liquid heat exchanger between the heat exchanger and the boiler heating circuit, no air bubbles will be generated in the heat exchanger circuit so air-bleeding wont be required during operation.

• A unique method has been developed during the firing process, to enable the boiler to neutralise some parts of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide as a neutral substance without any additives and with no additional energy investment. Therefore, the boiler uniquely captures some of the atmospheric greenhouse gases rendering them harmless!             
This on its own is priceless in todays’ developing world where the push toward green energy production is of very high priority.

• The operator will not be required to get in contact with the ashes from the boiler so it can be operated dust free.


• The technology does not require a conventional chimney. The clean, cold, exhaust gas flows into the environment. Condensation takes place within the unit.

• The boiler can be connected to all water heating systems (standard cast iron radiator, gas condensing radiator, floor heating, wall and ceiling heating)

The waste water can be use to fertilize plants.


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